Transparent Livestock Farming Platform

A free, on-line blockchain technology platform that allows JBS suppliers to see whether their supply chain is socially and environmentally compliant

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JBS sees the challenge of climate change as a priority and, among other environmental actions undertaken in recent years worthy of note are those taken to support the evolution of the monitoring of the other phases of the Company’s supply chain. It is within this context that the Transparent Livestock Farming Platform was developed.

For more than ten years the Company has been monitoring its suppliers by using official data bases, satellite imagery and geo- referenced data. This monitoring system enables the company to ensure socioenvironmental compliance and sustainable management of the supply chain. This process and the systems are checked by independent auditors, attesting to compliance with the Responsible Raw Material Procurement Policy of JBS. Now, with the Transparent Livestock Farming Platform, the Company aims to enhance the good practices for the other links of the supply chain.

Transparent Livestock Farming Platform

The Transparent Livestock Farming Platform is a ground-breaking initiative within the industry and, within a free, on-line platform that uses blockchain technology, it enables unparalleled advances in tracking the beef cattle production chain throughout Brazil.

This action is contributing to the development of Brazilian livestock farming while strengthening the sustainability of each operation involved, fully guaranteeing the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Data security, reliability and engagement

The virtual environment enables the production of beef cattle to be monitored using socioenvironmental criteria, from the farms that produce calves and feeder cattle to the registration of suppliers, involving data security, reliability and engagement.

Through the platform, JBS provides transparency while adding value to livestock farming production by requiring the suppliers of its cattle suppliers to adopt best socioenvironmental practices. The platform also supports the partner producers of JBS, enabling access to tools for evaluating their suppliers and to check if they are meeting the criteria already adopted in the monitoring of their properties.

Easy Registration and Blockchain Technology

Adherence to the Transparent Livestock Farming Platform is free of charge. All it takes is simple registration on a modern system consisting of blockchain information security technology – the same used by banks, for example, thereby preventing any data provided from being amended, diverted or even viewed by third parties. It also enhances the Company’s experience in environmental management processes, enabling the identification and monitoring of the other links of the beef cattle production supply chain involved in cattle breeding.

How to register

Beef cattle producers that negotiate animals directly with JBS and who wish to register will enter the list of their suppliers of animals on the platform. The data will then be forwarded electronically for analysis of the producers and the properties, generating socioenvironmental compliance results.

Check out the sustainability criteria that are part of the socioenvironmental protocol required by JBS:

The result of the analyses is sent directly to the JBS supplier who, for the first time, will have a view of the socioenvironmental compliance of his supply chain – which will enable him to develop risk mitigation strategies and to take action to assist the producers in regularizing their situation, when necessary.

Registration strengthens the sustainability of each transaction involved – from the production chain to the time the animal is purchased, with the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data fully guaranteed. The aim is to incorporate, by the end of 2025, all direct suppliers of JBS and ensure that the suppliers of those suppliers adhere to the Company’s robust socioenvironmental criteria.

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Transparent Livestock Farming Platform

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